Looking For Staff

Felixstowe Recruitment will listen to your individual requirements to find staff mostly suited to your business need. We would only introduce staff who we believe have the experience, expertise and attitude that meets your objectives.

  1. Fixed fee basis. We will advertise through our lists, profiles and avenues interviewing staff for you, finding you the right candidate from listening to your needs.
  2. Try before you buy. We can send you candiatates for short term period, with an agreement that you will take them on when it suits you. We will interview and recruit for you.
  3. Rolling placement. Need short term staff from time to time, week by week or day by day. Set up a credit account and call for staff depending on your identified needs.

We currently supply over 10 companies in the dock industry with forklift drivers, warehouse operatives and general labour with a tight and close relationship for rolling placement and try before you buy options. Our customers are pleased with the service they receive from Felixstowe Recruitment and have repetitively used our staff as trusted assets to their businesses.

Want to know more about us? Check out our Twitter account and Facebook page. For any support please call Andy Proctor direct on 07968700516.